Security Through Intelligent Automation


Managed SOC by Noibit is a service for those customers who wants to minimise the cyber risks at their organisation and do not yet operate their own analytical-security team for security monitoring.


Service overview

What is our managed SOC?

We offer organisations external cybersecurity experts who monitor your cloud, hybrid, or on-premise environment, network, devices and logs for threats.With managed SOC, there is 24/7 monitoring of your IT infrastructure, without making a significant investment in security software, hardware, security experts, training, and more. We are able to reduce the risks associated with cyber threats, by acting timely and adequately and informing the right people within your organisation.

Which services are included?

  • Real-time security monitoring

  • Threats and anomalies detection

  • Security Incident Response process initiation, investigation and false positives eliminination

  • Triage, control and prioritization of incident-causing events

  • Continuous Attack Surface Monitoring

  • Deep/Dark/Clean Web continuous monitoring and scanning for identity and company leaks

  • Communication and documentation of investigated incidents

  • Proposal of remediation actions

  • Reporting - real-time, continuous, consolidated and regular


Technology & Toolset


  • Both on-premise and cloud environments

  • Centralized log management solution

  • Opensource as well as commercial hunting and analytical toolset

  • Automated toolset focused on scalability

  • Suitable for IT, OT, IIoT, IoT


  • Various SIEM vendors (Microsoft Sentinel, Splunk, Elasticsearch, ..)

  • Various XDR platforms

  • We also use custom, battle hardened tools, handpicked for customer best fit


Why to choose Noibit?

  • Best third-party technology, in combination with tailor-made toolset developed in-house

  • Mature and cost-effective solution with high service availability for detection and analysis of security events

  • Enables effective collaboration and communication

  • Team of trained, certified, and experienced security analysts and architects


By the nature of our work we do not publicly reveal the names of our customers. We are holding references from the following areas:

  • Banking and FinTech

  • Insurance

  • Trading

  • Antivirus/Security

  • HealthCare/Pharmacy

  • Utility

  • Hotel chains

  • Retail

  • Transportation


We are proud holders of various partnership:

  • Microsoft Gold Partner

  • Elasticsearch

  • AWS

  • Fortinet

  • Veeam

  • Tenable

  • Qualys

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